Fired up the New LL Hearth, Need Input

Fired up the new LL Hearth, Need input

PostBy: ace22 On: Tue Sep 30, 2008 8:08 pm

Hi Jerry, Well I fired up my new LL hearth and I think it's working great. It was very easy to start with the burn bags. The following is what the stove did for me at high burn.
Thermostat set at 80* daytime and 68* nightime. Outside temp last night here was 47*
Stove body temp - 550*
Stove pipe temp after baro - 130* to 150*
Manometer reading - -.03
Max setting at 47 = a 6" wide bed or red coals with a flame about an inch from the top of the stove. 2 inches of ash at end of chute going into ash pan.
Min setting at 7 = a 2" wide bed of red coals with a flame about 2 inches high.
I have a small ranch with the stove in the basement. I have 5" x 12" vents in the floors of each room. In my two farthest rooms, which are also the coldest I could only keep them about 68* unless I used a little electric space heater. I boxed the vents in from below in these two rooms and mounted 2-120 cfm muffin fans blowing down. Acting as a cold air return. In a short period of time with the hearth set at 80* and my basement at 80* my entire upstais was about 75* and the wife was yelling to turn the stove down already!! I think I am on the right track and would like your opion on the above info. Also is there a rule of thumb on where to set your min and max feed? I really only guessed and I am a little confused about these settings. Otherwise I am really pleased with your product. Any advice is welcome and I think this is a great forum for a newbie like myself. Thanks to everyone.

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Re: Fired up the new LL Hearth, Need input

PostBy: Matthaus On: Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:31 pm

Congrats on your first night with the new stove, you can successfully run that in this weather without making the house overly hot as long as you tweak the min setting and set the thermostat at say 72 instead of 80. Realistically you can have a fire only the width of a pencil on low, this can be achieved by going to the setup menu in the min position and just slowly tweak it down until you get the desired minimum fire. You have to make sure you let it burn at each setting so that you get a true picture of where it will be. It takes an hour or so to do this unless you get lucky and guess at the right number right away. Likewise you could get a little more heat on high, a half inch or so of ash at the edge of the grate is an OK max setting.

You will also find that with big set backs (difference between day and night you might get some significant overshoot, which is not good for this weather but matters less when it is cold outside day and night. I would set the Tstat for 72 and leave it there for the time being.

Have fun! :)
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Re: Fired up the new LL Hearth, Need input

PostBy: Jerry & Karen On: Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:26 pm

Hi Ace,
Matt has the right idea on the thermo setting. 72* is fine. As far as your min and max. Min at 6, max at 40. That's a pretty good starting place. You will learn as you go and don't be afraid to try different things to move the air.
Jerry & Karen

Re: Fired up the new LL Hearth, Need input

PostBy: Mikey394 On: Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:02 pm

I just started my LL Hearth today, I purchased it back in Oct 2006. Flawless operation. Due to the heating oil prices (2006) it paid for itself in the first year!
In 2005 my oil heating cost was $3300.00, I have a 200+ year old farm house. Search my posts, I had alot of questions when I got started. Have fun.

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