Crisis Timeline, an Indictment

Re: Obama Wins

PostBy: Devil505 On: Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:26 am

Richard S. wrote:You can continue to beleive that if you want Devil but until you have some something to back it up they are just meaningless words. For example, the recent financial crisis I provided about 10 resources from either government resources or other irrefutable resources. You on the other hand wished to Blame the reps but could provide nada to actually back your claims. It still amazes me how you can turn such a blind eye when presented with facts.

Now if you wish to respond to my post provide some substance. From this point forward posts such as the one you just made that contain no substance will be deleted

I have never claimed that my opinions are anything but that....Opinions......& I feel that a debate is better served by argument/debate rather than just a listing of a bunch of web links which we can all just "Google" any time we want anyway.

In keeping with your new rule however, I am providing some links:
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Re: Crisis Timeline, an Indictment

PostBy: Richard S. On: Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:12 am

So we get some ifno, Google only brings articles up Devil. you have to actually read them.

Have you actually read this? That article could put the blame on anyone. If anything if you have gone through some of the things I've posted it would indicate that That GWB is not blame

Have you actually read this? This article blames the Democrats.

This about a CNN poll, irrelevant.

This is MSNBC poll? It's a poll....

A story about a Clinton rejecting, what a whopper.


Devil I spent hours researching this and finding relevant information. I want to know what happened and not rely on what someone else says. I didn't just type into Google and post the first 5 results. You don't find a press release from the White House from 1993 by doing that. I research my topic quite well when I make one of these posts and make sure all my bases are covered so I know what I'm posting is in fact the truth. I look for relevant real documents and facts from reliable resources. This is why you'll never be able dispute what I post, you can't dispute the truth when its backed up factual resources.
Richard S.
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