Is This Legitimate & Is It Smart Politics?

Re: Is This Legitimate & Is It Smart Politics?

PostBy: pvolcko On: Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:55 pm

Devil505 wrote:You don't honestly see this ( by saying Obama "Worked Closely" with Ayers but not pointing out that what they worked closely on was a charity....not bomb making) as a further attempt at deception by the McCain camp? .......HONESTLY Paul?

Yes, honestly, I do not believe they are calling Obama a terrorist. I know better, I know they know better, and I do not know anyone personally or of public consequence that believes Obama is a terrorist. To those few too many people that do believe this, I believe they came to this thinking long before McCain and his campaign brought up Ayers and that they are swayed more by conspiracy theory nutjobs and their own internal biases and ignorance rather than anything McCain or his campaign has said about Obama and Ayers.

Why do I think this?

The statement in the recording is honest and fair game. Is it complete? Certainly not, no 15 or 30 second spot could be. In so far as I believe its delivery in this robocall and in other occasions in the campaign is flawed, I do not believe it will be too effective, but it is truthful and honest. Just as it is truthful and honest to say "McCain was part of the Keating Five scandal" and " McCain has been a strong proponent of deregulation". Neither statement is a complete picture and thus both can be read to imply far worse than the complete picture provides (particularly given the public outrage over current economic problems), but they are both factual and honest charges and both are certainly fair game. So too would it be fair game and honest to say "McCain was a close associate of the domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph, who was responsible for a number of abortion clinic bombings", if indeed he had a several year relationship with him where they worked together directly, spoke of each other in positive terms, and considered themselves political friends and something more than personal acquaintances before some glancing scrutiny was applied to the relationship over the course of the election campaign. This would be the case even if they had purportedly worked on christian youth outreach programs and were not planning the next clinic bombing or abortionist assassination. It would be vital to get to the bottom of that relationship and the work they did together and what shared beliefs brought them together and infused their decisions in that work. Accountability and airing it out would be even more vital if McCain had established such a relationship after the terrorist acts were committed and it was clear he fully knew what the guy was about when deciding to establish and maintain such an alliance.