Stokermatic stove??

Re: Stokermatic stove??

PostBy: jeremysdemo On: Fri Nov 14, 2008 2:30 pm


I was waiting for a new Carson reactor to come in the mail, (since I blew up the old one trying to hook it up, long story the stove was not wired properly when I got it)

As I said before a friend of mine gave me a few bags of coal (pea coal) but I got a pretty strong suspicion it is not bituminous, it is leaving a lot of clinkers and unburned little pellets.

anyhow it is good enough to test it and when I can get my hands on some good bit I will.

thanx again guys


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Re: Stokermatic stove??

PostBy: jeremysdemo On: Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:07 am

BigBarney wrote:I am probably the only member of the forum who burn Bituminous coal 24/7/365 and have done so for

over 1 year and have gone through all of the trial and error of this type of coal burning.I burn the same coal

as Berlin,and Pittsburgh seam,and use a under burner coal boiler which has under fire air and an adjustable

secondary air for burning the volatiles in the initial startup of combustion.It is a trial and error process to get this setting

right for a smoke free burn and high efficiency from the many different types of Bituminous coal.

If I burn a Pittsburgh coal which is much more dense I have to almost keep the secondary air

closed like the hard coal burners,it also needs a much higher draft about .o8 to get a clean burn, it likes

a lot of heated under the fire air to burn with a hot and clean flame.The Pittsburgh coal is of very high

quality and never forms any clinkers just white/gray ash of about 8% , the Puxy coal from Valier also has

similar ash and also no clinker.Clinker is from a high ash and lower quality coal not the Western PA coals.

These coals have near 14000 btu/# even more than anthracite.

I keep my boiler at 170/180* and when the air flow is off the chimney is at 100/120* and I can hold my hand

on the pipe one foot above the flue outlet of the boiler.


Do you mind telling me where get your bit?

I found this supplier in PA,

can you recommend which one of these is best?

Kentucky Stoker (low ash/sulfur)

Pocahontas #3 Pea & Nut from WV
Cannel from central PA
Pittsburgh ROM (Run of Mine)

Washed Pittsburgh Stoker (1 1/2 x 1/4")

Wahsed Pittsburgh 2 x 5" Nut (sometimes called Egg or Lump)
Pittsburgh Lump (5"+)


Stove/Furnace Make: FIRETENDER
Stove/Furnace Model: chippewa