"Heat" on PBS

"Heat" on PBS

PostBy: Richard S. On: Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:32 pm

Anybody watch this yesterday? Full show can be seen here, its about 2 hours long.


Generally I've found Frontline to be one of the few unbiased news shows available but in this one I believe there was clear bias towards the CO2 crowd. Experts in the field warning about CO2 causing global warming were called just that experts. Scientists on the other end of the spectrum were not even mentioned but instead lumped into one group and labeled "Deniers".

What was really interesting is they featured a full scale coal plant in Florida called the Polk Power Plant which theoretically can capture CO2. They have not tested it yet because of safety concerns if the CO2 escapes. These are some of the issues coal will be dealing with over the next few years, its certainly a big risk that many companies may not want to take because they are moving into uncharted territory.

You can view the entire section on coal by going to chapter 4, the part about the Polk plant starts around 8 min 40 secs.
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