Adjusting a Baro with a DV and Rheostat

Adjusting a Baro with a DV and Rheostat

PostBy: traderfjp On: Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:16 pm

I've been going back and forth with Greg (lsfarm) on how to setup my barometric damper. I have an Alaska Channing with a DV that is controlled by a rheostat. I moded the DV and used high temp silicone to close off the venturi hole. Anyway, I never really understood the correct way to adjust my setup. There were too many variables. Do I adjust the rheostat first, the baro, etc. I wasn't too far off since I knew from Jerry who got me in the ballpark. Last year I didn't have a manometer and I was adviced to set my baro at .04 and then turn my rheostat down intil the baro flapper moves just a bit back and forth. Anyway, now that I had a manometer I wanted a precise method for setup. Greg was kind enough to PM this advice.

Greg wrote:
turn the dv all the way up, or very near full speed, this you said gives .05 or .06. Adjust the baro weight so that the manometer is reading .04" .
The stamped scale on the Baro's adjustment is just a rough reading. You are doing an 'actual' adjustment. {accurate, not rough]
So move the weight till the manometer is showing .04" The baro may be wide open.
THEN slow down the DV 'till the flapper is just slightly open.. the manometer will still show .04". And the DV motor may be down near 50% or so.
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Re: Adjusting a Baro with a DV and Rheostat

PostBy: ntp71 On: Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:52 am

Good Advice..Thanks
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