Pellet Stoves Are Not Selling

Re: Pellet Stoves Are Not Selling

PostBy: billlindley On: Mon. Dec. 08, 2008 5:00 pm

Pellet stoves (or coal / wood) not selling has nothing to do with George W. It has to do with most Americans and the lack of forward thinking. Right now people fill up @ under $2.00 a gallon and get heating oil under $1.80 in my area. Doesn't light a fire under anyones butt to run out and look for ways to reduce thier energy bills. Next month people will be flocking to buy gas guzzling sport utility vehcles again and they will be complaing about the gas guzzling nature come next spring when the economy is starting to turn and demand is going up for oil.
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Re: Pellet Stoves Are Not Selling

PostBy: Richard S. On: Tue. Dec. 30, 2008 3:27 am

billlindley wrote:Pellet stoves (or coal / wood) not selling .

Coal and coal stoves are still selling well, pellets are a fad that comes and goes. They will always be the very cheapest heat locally and since there is a million+/- potential customers in that area.... That's the difference between coal and pellets, plenty of homegrown possibilities. Pellets rely on national trends.
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