Coal ain't that DIRTY

Coal ain't that DIRTY

PostBy: Robby On: Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:40 pm

Why is coal so damn dirty!

I think there are some misconceptions out there that some fuel sources are clean. Coal dirty, wood clean, oil (sorta) dirty, etc., etc.
I live in Alberta, Canada. We export to U.S.A. more oil than anyone else. We also sell you huge amounts of natural gas. ... mport.html
We have 70% of Canada's coal reserves

I recite all this data because living where I do I am familiar with oil & gas industry, coal and wood burning.

To be blunt, we are being bull^%&&ed.

I burn Coal, Wood and Natural gas in that order. I cannot test the smokestack emissions, but there is almost no visible smoke, only heat waves after first 10 minutes or so and little smell. When I burn wood no matter how much I try to get things set just right, there is large smoke plum. Each time boiler calls for heat, more smoke. Harman SF360. Burning bituminous coal.

Coal here is easy to mine, surface mining, and the mine where I purchase is turning the old tailings into a golf course. They use a couple of earthmovers, a track hoe, bobcats, some trucks and a sorting and screening plant. Some impact on the environment of course, but not that bad.

Oil and Gas
What is not included in the oil & gas emissions data are seismic activities, drilling, then if they find either, pipelines, processing plants, sour gas, etc? No one seems to tally up the total environmental impact. Now I realize that these resources are produced by the most profitable corporations in the world. I also assume they are very active to suppress any comment on the real costs to the end user. Us.

How much pollution is generated? The manufacture of a 37” and a 48” two thousand mile long steel pipeline that runs from northern Alberta to California. How many miles of leaking pipelines are in Canada and U.S. Thousands and thousands.

There’s more, but I’ve run on too long now.

Give it some thought. Maybe makes coal pretty damn clean after all.

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Re: Coal ain't that DIRTY

PostBy: traderfjp On: Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:47 pm

The oil companies have deep pockets and own many of the politicians.
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