Hudson Coal Archbald, PA

Hudson Coal Archbald, PA

PostBy: wg_bent On: Thu May 11, 2006 12:17 pm

Just a nice story (I think). My in-laws live in Archbald, PA and while taking my kids for a walk/bike ride I noticed a sign along the bike path that said the old brick buildings were once the site of one of Hudson Coal company breaker. What a neat peice of history associated with that town. As we walked along I noticed a lot of piles of coal, and coal just laying along the path. My son was really interested in this and insisted we pick up peices of coal (to toss into the wood stove). So we did. In one of the last fires of the year we tossed in a few chunks of coal for the heck of it. The coal burned, but not completely as it would in a proper coal stove, but it was a nice way of completing the picture in my son's mind.

Have a nice summer everyone!!

PostBy: Richard S. On: Fri May 12, 2006 2:46 am

I'm not sure if Hudson was just one breaker or many. I have am image of breaker labeled Hudson Coal. It was recently pointed out to me that it is in fact what was the Marvine in Scranton. That or they were built identically. Most are simialr but all seem to have one peculiarity or another.
Richard S.
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