Non Electric Draft Control

non electric draft control

PostBy: Softcoal On: Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:01 pm

Hello, I am new to this site and have just begun to heat with coal. I have an old burnham hand fired Bit. burning boiler. I have been using the boiler to heat my home and domestic hot water with moderate success for about a month now. I am currently using what I believe is the original draft control device for the boiler to control my boiler temp and it adjusts the draft door and check draft door according to the current water temperature. The draft controller is a well type and has a weight that slides along a lever depending on what you want the boiler temp to be. The lever pivots on a bellows or diaphram that is filled with a liquid or gas that expands as the boiler heats up. As the boiler heats, the lever opens the check draft door on the flue and closes the draft door on the base the two doors are connected with a chain. For the first month or so this setup worked great and I was able to maintain a constant boiler temp. A few days ago I noticed that the lever did not seem to be responding like it had been. I am wondering if the substance that expands and contracts to move the lever is slowly leaking. Until this year, the boiler had not been fired in about 20 years. I am wondering if there are any replacement types of draft controllers out there similar to this, or if anyone on the site can reccomend any other ways of controlling the draft and boiler temp. I saw on the altrnate heating systems website that they use a Samson nonelectric draft control on some of their multifuel wood/bit. boilers. I called and got a price for one and they were $200. I wondered if anyone had any expirience with these before I purchased one. I am not sure if they are strong enough to open and close two cast iron draft doors. Any help or advice would be appriciatd
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Re: non electric draft control

PostBy: coaledsweat On: Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:45 pm

I would contact Burnham, they should have the parts or be able to tell you where to get them.

If not call the Preston Trading post in Preston CT. I bet he can find it for you.
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