NYS Sales Tax on a Coal Furnace

NYS Sales Tax on a Coal Furnace

PostBy: JoeD On: Tue May 16, 2006 9:25 pm

I justed ordered a Koker 160,000 BTU Coal furnance from a KeyStoker Dealer near Syracuse NY and should have it in a few months, (I can't wait). I thought I read on this Website someplace and can't fin it that someone said no sales tax on Furnances as they are a Capital improvement. I told my Keystoker dealer and he said if I brought in a form showing Sales Tax exemption he would honor it. Do you guys have any clue ? 2nd question: The only place close to Syraucse I can find Coal is from the dealer I'm buying the furnance from. I'm guessing Anthricite coal is the best bet but can anyone offer suggestions on more coal dealers around syracuse ny and some thoughts on types of coal to burn ?.
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Re: NYS Sales Tax on a Coal Furnace

PostBy: Richard S. On: Wed May 17, 2006 4:20 am

JoeD wrote: but can anyone offer suggestions on more coal dealers around syracuse ny and some thoughts on types of coal to burn ?.

Sorry, one of the rules for using this forum is I don't want other coal dealers or brands of coal mentioned whether the it's for purchase or comments on quality. First it's my business and I'm not going to provide free advetising for the competition, second it would be a conflict of intterest forme to allow someone to bash another product...

As far as using different coal to the best of my knowledge you can only use anthracite in a Keystoker. That's what they are designed to use. Check with the manufacturer for specifics but my guess is they will tell you same thing.
Richard S.
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NYS Sales Tax

PostBy: Wotseurba On: Wed May 17, 2006 10:29 am

I'm a fellow NYS homeowner - do it yourselfer, and have run into this sales tax delema many times. Here's the deal. You are correct that capital improvements on one's Primary residence are sales tax exempt. HOWEVER, ONLY if the improvement is done by a CONTRACTOR. Example: Your house needs a new roof. If you do the job yourself, you MUST pay sales tax on the materials you buy. If a contractor does the job, then entire job is tax exempt. Yes, only in NY do guys like us get penalized for trying to save a buck. I have a feeling construction unions had some effect on how this law was written. Now, in your situation, I would ask who is INSTALLING your purchase? If the dealer does the "Installation", then I would think this would qualify as tax exempt. In other words, the tax you save might pay for the installation, and save you some work. If you are merely buying from the dealer, and installing yourself, you will have to pay tax. And they wonder why the mass exodus from NY continues !
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