Old Coal Furnaces

Re: Old Coal Furnaces

PostBy: CTriver On: Sun. Nov. 16, 2008 10:11 am

I lived in a house built around 1920. It had an old Holland hot air furnace with sheet metal around it and different size pipes coming out the top. On the bottom a large pipe was attached to the furnace and through the foundation for cold air. This was fresh air heat. Then came the depression and everybody sealed the foundations and cut a cold air return into the floor. This saved on coal and with no insulation there was plenty of fresh air anyway.
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Re: Old Coal Furnaces

PostBy: baldeagle On: Sun. Nov. 16, 2008 2:10 pm

Old Coal Furnace -- Western PA
As many others mentioned -- our 1860's farmhouse had 4 rooms & 4 fireplaces; the house had a "one-lunger" in the basement
that had been added sometime before 1930. This was a circular grate furnace with a "plenum" hanging on the side to heat the air which then rose (together with plenty of soot) into the house. It is down over the hill (thought about getting last summer
when scrap peaked at US $400/t) House is now heated quite nicely with hand fed stove -- Anthracite!
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