Well Tanks Water Pressure

Re: Well Tanks Water Pressure

PostBy: SMITTY On: Mon. Nov. 17, 2008 10:45 pm

This post caught my eye -- I just installed a new tank, pressure switch etc last week...........

New well tank 004.jpg
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Here's the old one -- looks like it was driven in the winter!

New well tank 011.jpg
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New 34 gallon tank

I always use Square D pressure switches, because you can adjust them as far as your tank can handle to minimize pump cycling. The crap chinese ones at Home Depot only have one adjusting screw -- these have 2. Not only did I get a tank that is at least double the size of the old one, but I have the switch set to 28/70 ( was shooting for 30, but over adjusted & just left it that way ). It's a 30/50 switch -- right in the middle so you can have a wide range of pressures. I have 30 psi in the tank.

I had the old tank set at those pressures -- it was a tiny little tank, but I got long draw time off it.

The new tank is that much better -- pump used to kick on 3 times per shower......now only once, if that.
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