Idle Time and Convection Fan When Using Coal-Trol

Idle Time and Convection Fan When Using Coal-Trol

PostBy: WNY On: Sun. Nov. 16, 2008 8:48 pm


Any way to setup a certain about of convection fan to come on if it idles for more than some many mins/hours? just to wash the stove off? or reduce the threshold of the convection fan, so any change in feed rate from 0 would turn them on? I know I can run it manually on 20 or 30. Its getting colder now, so it may not be a problem....but when it get warmer out, it Definitely needs to wash the stove more often. Maybe 1 min every 15mins?

When mine idles, the stove gets kinda hot now that I have a heat jacket on it, and it will almost equalize with the exhaust temp. SO, I am getting a lot of heat build up in the jacket and the hopper, since the back of the stove has the blowers, but if they are not on, it gets pretty warm and transfers the heat into the hopper..... I do have a separate blower for the jacket on a Snap switch for the jacket, but it only washes the sides, not the back/top (like the built in blowers). It helps if it does get too hot.

Thanks. :)
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