Any comments on Gibraltar w/Keystoker

Any comments on Gibraltar w/Keystoker

PostBy: George-NJ On: Fri Jun 09, 2006 9:14 am

I just bought from a friend of mine a "new old stock" Gibraltar stove w/ a Keystoker system for .....$600, and he delivered it & set it in place!

He used to own a stove store years ago and had this last one in storage for many years. It has never been fired, pluged it in & everything works.

On the back of the stoker is a "Keystoker" ID plate, on that KS plate is a box that is stamped 11 80, might this be the date of manufacture? It is a steel stove w/ what looks to be a good size blower on the back. It has Honeywell controls w/ wall mount thermostadt. He even gave me the hopper extension.

He told me Gibraltar went out of business years ago, but that the Keystoker mechanism is pretty much as good as it gets.

So, did I get the deal of the century or did I just do OK?

Any major differences in this stove as to what is new today?

Will try to get a pic up later.

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PostBy: George-NJ On: Thu Jun 15, 2006 9:12 am

Gibraltar coal stoker.jpg
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PostBy: coal berner On: Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:33 am

Hello George-NJ Nice stove I have one myself and there are others on here that have them to but I never seen any with a stoker on them I bought mine last february on ebay the Gentleman that I bought it off told me that it was in the house that he bought 1 1/2 years ago the pervious owner told him the he bought it new 3 years before $ 1.400 the guy that I bought it from told me that the model is a 2310 Viglant Gibraltar but it has no info plate on the back so all I can do is take his word for it mine looks a bit bigger then yours but it is hard to see from photo mine is 33H x 27 1/2W x 24 D and it has a twin blower on it and I have been trying to fine any info about these stoves but with no luck I did find a place on the net that as some parts for them but they must have made a lot of models I looked at two this week and they where very small units the model was 2157 they did have a info plates on them but you could not make out the date of manufactured there was a address but all I could see was N Y. on it so if I fine any info on them I will pass it on to you and please do the same by the way mine works grate it is the best handfeed that I ever had and I had a few over the years oh the only other thing that I found about these stoves are that Glacierbay Coal stoves are almost identical to these the only thing is they have a step in the top and mine is a flat top but everything else is the same so as far as the price you paid I think you did very well with 600.00 mybe if you call or e-mail keystoker they might have some info about them they are 8 miles from me so I just might go down and talked to them if I fine any info out I will let you know take care talk to you later and sorry for this long reply :)
coal berner
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