My 401K Has Me Really Sick

Re: My 401K Has Me Really Sick

PostBy: SAU On: Fri. Dec. 05, 2008 4:13 pm

steveyrock wrote:after reading this thread I got to say to myself why is someone who thinks they can predict the markets ups and downs burning coal ? I would think they have made their fortunes and don't have worry about taking out ashes and shoveling coal into bins. :D

Ever read this? ... 0671015206
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Re: My 401K Has Me Really Sick

PostBy: e.alleg On: Fri. Dec. 05, 2008 11:46 pm

steveyrock wrote:
e.alleg wrote:I can't see how America can become an "undeveloped nation", it's already developed. We have people who know how to farm, when there is no job to go to so you can buy food you grow your own food, it's that simple. People survived for thousands of years without the massive consumerism we all like to take part in, but I do predict that the lazy welfare takers who don't want to lift a finger except to cash a check will be the first to starve to death. Stockpiling 50 cases of canned vegetables isn't going to work either, people need to re-learn how to survive. For those people who depend entirely on money for survival it's going to be one hell of a learning curve.

This time if things would get that bad the would be survivors who have food would be the first ones killed for it.The times we live in today isn't like the market crash of 1929. Whole different breed of people in this country now and when they are hungry it's going to be ugly.There will be no orderly waiting in line at a soup kitchen nowadays , look at what those welfare bums do to people at walmart and their just Christmas shopping. Imagine them people making a run on a load of chickens when their hungry.

Just remember "BEANS AND BULLETS" you have to stockpile both :shock:
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