Alaska 140

Alaska 140

PostBy: Mark in NJ On: Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:12 pm

Hello, I am new in the coal world. Currently have a corn stove, which just isnt quite hot enough for what I want it to do, and burned wood in the past.

The Alaska 140 looks like a nice unit for us: two stories plus a walk-out basement, 2000ish sq total, 1985 w decent insulation. The stove will go in the basement.

They come in 2 models auger or paddel, I am wondering which is better for a regular 2000sq house, auger or paddel. The 1550 cfm blower, seems kind of excessive, I hope it is adjustable. I would have to install ductwork, since there is none, maybe I could just leave the basement door open and forget about getting a furnace style stove, and get a regular one.
Mark in NJ

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