First Burn USSC Ashley 24F

First Burn USSC Ashley 24F

PostBy: xaos On: Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:44 am

My first burn..
I have used wood stoves in my home and cabin, first for a coal add on..
Its not ducted in to the house furnace.. thats the next project.

Wow great heat, then wow a little smoke.
read manual, it stated some burn off for new stoves..
A little more heat, a lot more smoke, smoke alarms upstairs, children running out of house,
world war three commencing with me and the wife - dogs and cats sleeping together...
total chaos, finding fans that were stored for the winter...
I know you all get the picture.

After things cooled down (Wife & family) and the furnace backed off I heated her up again..

Nice heat , I don't think I put enough coal in for the long night burn, but with a few pieces of kindling she fired right back up..

I think as long as I keep reading all the good info hear on this site and some trails and errors I have a nice warm winter for once..

I will post some pics of my set up once shes ducted in..
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Re: First Burn USSC Ashley 24F

PostBy: rockwood On: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:57 pm

Not funny at the time but when you look back you'll all laugh about it. :)
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