burning coal and some of its problems

burning coal and some of its problems

PostBy: edd On: Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:25 pm

hello everybody am new to this forum and have read some problems encountered burning coal.
nothing new.brings back memorys of when I first started to use coal many years ago.I would like to pass on some tips.
Had a fire place in my home which was just useless.Tore that out and rebuilt the hearth,
installing a 6 inch thimble.thought I could hook up a coal stove.No good.would not
burn.(coal didn,t ignite}.chimney was 8 by 12 inch flue tile.Was told to use a 6 inch
insert,stainless steel,But had to be replaced often due to coal acid.I ended up pouring
a 8 by 12 inch concrete block 4 inchs thick.In the center of the block in inserted a 4 inch
clay flower pot with the bottom cut out.put that on top of flue tile.this gave me the necessary draft to burn the coal.(flower pot is put in center of form before poring concrete mix )This solved the burn problem.8 to 10 hrs As far as hours of burn,colud be that
there is no barometric damper hookup or the you are using the wrong size coal.best to use
pea coal.

incidently a barometic damper is rquired for burning coal.the stove I have been
using is a zurdiac 512.Most of the problems are due to chimney draft or adjusting the
barometric damper.maybe thsee tips might help somebody good luck

edd upper hudson valley
Stove/Furnace Make: surdiac 512

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