Burning Coal in a Crown Royal OWB

Burning Coal in a Crown Royal OWB

PostBy: crs7300 On: Wed. Dec. 03, 2008 1:28 pm

I've searched the site and still have some questions. I have a Crown Roayl OWB tha I am now on my 3rd years using. I have been burning wood, but I would like to burn coal. I have read the post that suggest putting in a row or two of fire brick in the bottom to keep the coal from sitting against the water jacket and to keep the coal over the shaker grates and the forced air supply. My stove is designed to burn coal also, and if it works well, I would like to go strictly with coal.

Is there anyone in here using a Outdoor coal boiler of any kind?

If so, how much coal do you average on a given winter day? I will probably be buying it bagged, at least for the first year.

How hard or easy is it to keep the fire going on the moderate days? On the long idle times when the temps are still mild, say 40"s, will the fire go out if it isn't burning often. While burning wood, I use a 12 - 15 degree differential. Is that to long of a time span to let coal idle?

If I could switch to coal and not have to cut and split and haul wood, that would be nice.

Any info or suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance. :D
Stove/Furnace Make: Crown Royal
Stove/Furnace Model: 7300

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