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PostBy: tullybrewing On: Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:01 pm

New York Army National Guard
27th INF BDE
42ID, 642 MI BN
SGT (E-5)
96B (Military Intelligence Analyst)
Jan 1997 - Jan 2005 (8-years)

Fought in Tikrit, Iraq 2003-2005 Operation Iraqi Freedom III

I was one of the lucky ones called up from the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) after 6 years of active service with the New York Army National Guard. Spent 18 months augmented to the 42ID. We took over Saddam's Palace Complex (FOB Danger) just after his capture for the Big Red 1 Dec 2003. We closed down his palace complex in Nov 2004 and handed the battle over to the 101st Airborn operating from the Tikrit Airbase (FOB Speicher). Saddam's main palace was bombed out in 2003 with a couple of JDAMs. We worked out of his mother's hilltop palace and slept in Qusai and Odai's boathouse. We were rocketed and mortared daily. Security at the gates were frequently targeted with suicide bombers. Tikrit was Saddam's home town, so operating from a hilltop was any easy target. ... mnfi03.htm ... rit-cc.htm ... -sahra.htm
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Wizzing on Saddam
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Care Packages
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Post-IED Hummers
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Saddam's Main Palace (Qusai and Odai's Boathouse lower left)
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Re: Military Service

PostBy: slu On: Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:52 pm

First off, Thanks to all of you, vets, for your service and your sacrifice for this great (still) country. For all of you vets from the 'jolly green', Thank you for your service, sacrifice and Welcome Home!

Drafted 8/'68
Basic - Ft. Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery (Ft. Leonard Wood, MO)
AIT - Ft. Sill, OK
OCS - Ft. Benning, GA (Stayed long enough to get a 6 mo. early out after 'Nam, with my 2 year option)
1st Calvary Division (Airmobile) '69-70
MOS - 13E40, Recon and Intelligence Sergeant
Came out a 'hard 5'
Everywhere from Nui Ba Ra to Nui Ba Dhen, Ahn Khe, Quan Loi, Phuoc Vinh, Cambodia, Lai Khe, Long Binh and points in between.
DEROS'd to home in '70

Wouldn't take a million dollars for the experience and wouldn't give you a nickle for another.
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PostBy: Cato On: Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:36 pm

Joined the Navy in 1960 at the age of 17. Spent 1yr at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey (next to Fort Dix) typing flight orders for pilots. In 1961 went to Norfolk,Virginia (Little Creek) and served aboard the USS Spiegel Grove LSD 32 where I served out the rest of my 4yr (6 counting reserves) term as a BM3 . Did a lot of traveling on the 'old girl' - Caribbean cruises ; a cruise around both coasts of Africa; Brazil; Med cruise to Spain;Italy; Greece; and through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Did my 'boot training' at Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

Found out last year what happened to my old ship. She was mothballed and anchored in the James River, Virginia for about 12 years and finally sold to the state of Florida in 2002. She was 'stripped and towed down off the Key West coast (Key Largo) and suck as an artificial reef. There is a website dedicated to the Spiegel Grove and on the site is a 20 min film of people diving around her. I watched it with my wife and saw the crane I use to operated and the gun I use to mann. It was a strange feeling watching people dive around the deck and (well deck) etc. where I use to live and work 46yrs ago!! :o

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PostBy: stelradCoal On: Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:13 am

I enlisted in the Army in January of 1992, went to basic at Ft Knox that summer. I was convinced to join ROTC at college and got my commission December of 94. I spent my time in the Reserves. Platoon leader of a truck company then a company commander. Did Iraq Feb 03 -> August 04 as a company commander of a petroleum company (439th POL), love the smell of JP8, hot refuel helo's for everyone. I'm a Battalion Operations Officer now for the 395th CSSB in New Haven CT and we're scheduled to go to Iraq in May/June, we'll be up north near Mosul. I was down south last time.
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