Ford Vs Toyota

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PostBy: Dann757 On: Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:25 pm

I belong to a forum Ford recently sicced their lawyers on this fan site and ordered the owner to pay $5000 and give up the name. The owner emailed all 11,000 members and there was an email campaign to Ford. There was somewhat of an uproar, I didn't want to see the little guy trampled; but it turns out Ford was very decent about it and it all blew over. The site had some unauthorized decals for sale that had the blue oval on them so it's fair the guy should take them off. I got a reply from my complaint to Ford pretty quickly. Everyone was basicly saying why are you trashing the people who love your Rangers! I had an 85 Ranger for 15 years. Now when gas was $4 I got another old one, a 93. 25mpg great little truck.
I'll NEVER own a Nissan again due to extremely bad treatment at 2 local dealers. I had a 2001 Maxima that nobody could fix, and the dealers were evil thieves. I know about cars, but you can't fix your Nissan yourself, you have to have the ECU set at a dealer. Extremely complicated vehicles. My wealthy customers still drive around in giant gas guzzlers saying 'let them eat cake'

Re: Ford Vs Toyota

PostBy: WNY On: Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:33 am

Yup, you guys posted this on our forums too for support.

Yes, FORD is VERY Strict in their logo/trademark usage.

A t-shirt company (kocky products?) is going out of business that was using Ford images, Even though they were customer car images, but still had the Ford, mustang, etc.. logo on them. There has been a lot of hassle Ford Lawyers have been giving the small guys lately.

Many Mustang Parts Sites have had to change their names because of it too, that were using the "Mustang" or "FORD" name in their websites and be careful on how they use images, etc....or pay a big fine and royalties to Ford.

We got the cease and desist order too for some t-shirts were having made with a Mach 1 Mustang on it. (oops).
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