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PostBy: wmitz On: Wed. Sep. 06, 2006 2:17 pm

Anybody have any idea where one can buy bagged coal in Maryland?

If not, does anyone want to buy a Coalbrookdale Darby stove, a great coal burner, but w/o anybody selling coal around here, I'm afraid I'm going to have to move to a pellet stove ;-(

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PostBy: Richard S. On: Thu. Sep. 07, 2006 3:35 am

wmitz wrote:Anybody have any idea where one can buy bagged coal in Maryland?

Sorry this is one topic I don't allow to be posting about.

If not, does anyone want to buy a Coalbrookdale Darby stove, a great coal burner, but w/o anybody selling coal around here, I'm afraid I'm going to have to move to a pellet stove ;-(

There's a classified section if you want to list it.
Richard S.
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PostBy: wmitz On: Thu. Sep. 07, 2006 7:38 am

Right, sorry, and thanks for the clarification, but it was just more of a comment than an actual sale offer.

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PostBy: LsFarm On: Fri. Sep. 29, 2006 8:38 am

Winter is here, my outside thermometer said 31* this morning, and the grass, trucks, and equipement all had a coating of frost. The airport said 36*, as usual it reports 4-5* warmer than here on the farm.

I fired up the boiler yesterday [thursday sept 28th] and warmed up the house. I took an extra long shower enjoying the fact that it wasn't costing me any propane for the hot water. LOL.

The true winter weather will soon be upon me, and I have so many things to do before snow covers the ground and the temps don't get above 32* during the day..... Life is never dull here.

It sure is nice having a warm house. It's worth the work.

Greg L
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PostBy: WNY On: Fri. Sep. 29, 2006 2:39 pm

Hey Greg!

Yes, it has been getting down into the low 40's and upper 30's off and on. Tonight is scheduled for 32 and not too good for the next week or so.

Might Fire it up tonight!! It's ready, just load it up with coal.
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PostBy: davemich On: Wed. Oct. 04, 2006 9:10 am

...just bought 2 tons of bagged coal this past weekend for delivery in a couple weeks. $280/ton delivered. Prices look as if they are headed up every year but then again, what isn't. I'll fire up the Hitzer in late November and I'm heating for another member this season...I'm expecting my first child in 2 weeks! Marshall Jonathon...Tucker was out as a middle name...age 49 and having my first...hmm...bass ackwards my entire life...lol. Look forward to posting and wipin' a__ in a warm house this winter!!!

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PostBy: Cap On: Wed. Oct. 04, 2006 2:49 pm

Hello List!

Yes, the heating season is near and I am as prepared as can be with the firebox reducer and domestic hot water unit built & installed. New stove pipe connected and the ss flue liner swept clean.

But all of my free time is occupied with lawn care! I've been mowing 3/4 acre every two days. ( product of 4 layers of fertilizer since 3/06 ) Cleared some dead turf ( grubb damage ) and shoveled 1/2 ton of clean top soil & planted new seed. I found the top soil at my coal dealer! A entire scoop off of his front loader for $22. It weighed out at 1370 lbs. Not a bad deal. I'm almost at the point of wishing the cold air here so my lawn will go dormit. But I'll be raking leaves every night soon enough. Does it ever stop? Work, work, & more work! Good thing I'm a choloric.
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PostBy: coalkirk On: Fri. Oct. 13, 2006 6:21 pm

I think the season is here. I fired my stoker boiler late this afternoon for the first time this fall. It's going to be low 30's tonight and tommorow night. Can't bear the thought of turning on the oil boiler. I tried something alittle different than usual to start it. I used some very small pieces of dry oak kindling and added a few small pieces of lump type charcoal. Lit it off with a propane torch. It worked great, easiest its ever lit. The manual said to try match lite charcoal but it really stinks.
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PostBy: AL-53 On: Mon. Oct. 16, 2006 5:16 pm

Yes..it is here....I have one stove fired up now..I have the Alaska fired in the family room now....just to take chill out of the house...on very low feed

I have not fired the Mag Stoker yet..just to test it to ensure all systems go when ole man winter really sets in....

I am set for winter now..6 tons of coal..every stove cleaned and ready...

hope everyone is ready to go....test operation before winter set in...

clean up the squirell cage blowers...check gaskets....new batteries in c02 detectors..and smoke detectors...flue is clear...pipes are safe to go


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PostBy: Oo-v-oO On: Wed. Oct. 25, 2006 11:02 pm

Hey, the forum sure looks different from last year! Someone sure has done some work...

We've been burning some wood on the colder days but it won't be too long before it will be time to light the "everlasting flame" for the winter. I just want to replace the firebricks in our Ashley before we get cranking along at full speed, since they are showing some signs of deterioration.

This will be the first year since we've lived here that we're going to heat predominantly with coal and not wood. I was lucky enough to find someone that wanted to give away the ton and a half to two tons of Nut Anthracite in their cellar, so I got all that for free. it was just across the river from where I work so I'd swing by with about 15, 5-gallon pails and fill the back of my compact pickup before I went home. I've got it all stored in blue plastic 55-gallon drums which are covered to keep the water out.

Winter's coming...
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