nut vs pea - experiences??

Re: nut vs pea - experiences??

PostBy: VigIIPeaBurner On: Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:00 pm

gerard wrote:Everyone's info was spot on and 180 deg from what my logic told me!! I though smaller pieces, more surface area, quicker hotter burn - NOT. Went to all pea for a few days and it burned nice and is easier to shovel but it didn't put out the heat that nut did. Even full open draft at 15 deg outside temp it had a hard time keeping the house temp up. I'll be sticking with nut. I can knock down the heat output of nut with the draft but I can't go above 100% output with the pea!!

Glad that you figured your combination out. Every stove/grate design/chimney/draft/weather combination will interact differently and the operator has to learn to drive it around the curves. For my set up, I have to throttle back the air inlet to prevent an over fire regardless of weather it's pea or nut. With pea in my set up, I can hold 6-700 temps for over 12 hours when it's in the low twenties - high teens. The stove on my chimney absolutely roars with pea before the thermostatic bimetallic coil shuts down the air to 1/4" open when it's in the low 20's and calm. The rod on the coil is rarely set past half way and I rarely move it at all.

Enjoy the heat!
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