fly ash question

fly ash question

PostBy: italia899 On: Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:58 am

I have been reading several posts regarding this. I am new to burning coal and am excited about burning it this year.

I own a Brunco Hearthglow Insert. It was just installed into an existing masonry chimney (30 ft.) which is clay tile lined and in excellent shape. The flue on the stove is 4 x 12 inches (rectangular). The installer installed a rectangular adapter to the stove, then connected an 8 inch 316 Ti grade liner (standard for my insert) to the adapter, and ran the 8 inch liner up through the smoke chamber to the first series of clay flue tiles.

Where will the fly ash most likely accumulate? I ask this because in many users' posts they reference "bottom of the chimney." What area is this? Is it the ground of the chimney, where my chimney's ash dump is? I would think because everything about my system runs down that most of the fly ash would stay in my stove or on the "ground" of my chimney as I described a couple of sentences earlier.

This forum is phenomenal by the way.
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PostBy: Richard S. On: Sun Sep 10, 2006 11:02 pm

The fly ash is going to accumulate anywhere the exhaust travels, especially on flat surfaces. I see a lot of manufacturers are recommending you clean it out once a month. I'd suggest that's good advice until you find out how much you're particular unit needs to be serviced. Pay attention to the pipes going directly from the stove to the chimney In particular because that is generally the narrowest section.

Bottom of the chimney is in reference to just that, you should have a clean out space below where the pipe goes into the chimney. Most have more that adequate space for a year if not years of accumulation but you should clean it out.

Each unit is different and even the same units may require more or less maintenance depending on how they are being used.
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