Alaska Coal Stove Identification Around 1980

Alaska Coal Stove Identification Around 1980

PostBy: justinh On: Wed. Sep. 06, 2006 1:48 pm


I just purchased an Alaska coal stove manufactured sometime around 1980.
The stove measures 19" wide X 19" deep by 34.5" tall (measured from the feet to the top).
There is a single door on the top (not top loading, door on front of stove) used for loading the coal and has a sliding damper.
The ash tray also has a damper, and had a built in handle when slid out of the stove.
There are four feet, and one foot has a bolt used for stabilizing the stove.
The stove has no glass.

The stove had never been used by the previous owner. He believes he purchased it sometime around 1980.

Just wondering if you could help identify which model this stove is and give me all the info that you can about it (what type of coal it burns, how much it holds, tips for burning, msrp, etc).

I can post a picture if anybody needs it.

Thanks for any and all info that you can gather.

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