Another Lining Question

another lining question

PostBy: bugize On: Fri Sep 08, 2006 8:55 am

good mah nin all,i have a question about my chimney,i bought this house in nov last year,i just set up delivery of my Harman tlc2000,(will be another month),i decided it was time to inspect the chiminey(putting the cart before the horse I know :oops: )i removed the old back up wood stove and pipe and notice it is a, what I call,a double brick lined chimney,i was surprised because the house and chimney was built in 83,i just assumed(my fault)that it would be lined with tile.i climbed onto the roof and looked down,it seems in excellent shape,if I was to burn wood for primary heat I would have it lined,but from what I have seen here,coal doesnt get as hot(flue temps) and no creosote build you guys think I will be fine this year?i just have to mention...the previous owners had the fireplace side lined with tile...why not the backup wood stove side...i'll never know. :idea: I just remembered,if they check marked the chimney as being lined on the paperwork they can foot the bill...anyways enough babbling on my part...will I be ok and safe to use a coal stove for primary heat with this setup?.....thanks! :shock:
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re: unlined chimney use

PostBy: Jersey John On: Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:03 am

Just happened to have an installer at my house. Where I was concerned that I would need a liner within my terracota flue, he said that would be up to the town codes. I also have a double flue in a masonary chimney, but both sides are terracota, one of which has served my Fisher stove, the other which has never been used.

As I am now ready to install a Wood Stove in the main floor living room, I only need to worry about clearances until I find what the code requires. But I am still undecided on the actual stove.

Wondered if you could elaborate on your choice for the Harman TLC. I have commented in the last several days that I want to burn coal, but am not ready to commit completely. Though if I were to install just a wood stove in my living room, would not have a problem commiting a coal stove to my office which then by convection would heat the other side of my house.

The only heating unit I am considering removing for this season, is my Whitfiel Pellet Stove, due to having to relocate it from the corner where the wood/coal burner needs to go, as well as the inconsistent availablity and increase in price of pellets.

I would check with the buidling department, but can probably say without much hesitation, that if your current flue is brick only, then it will require lining, which would also aid in draft.

Just my two cents.....
Jersey John
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PostBy: Berlin On: Fri Sep 08, 2006 2:45 pm

don't sweat it, a 2 brick thick unlined chimney in excellent condition for use with a coal stove is fine, if it was a woodstove primarily because of flamable creosote I would likely say it should be lined, however not with a coal stove. install it and don't worry about it.
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PostBy: bugize On: Fri Sep 08, 2006 4:20 pm

thanks to berlin for the info,i kinda thought,and hoped it would be ok to use this way,as to jersy john,it was either the tlc2000 or the mark2,i chose the tlc because of the larger firebox,i am gone 15 hrs at a time while working my shift so I needed to make sure my stove would last a minimum of 18-20 hours,the dealer said the mark2 should go 18 but would be pushing it in cold weather.he said the tlc should go over 24 hrs easy,(the manufacturer says 60)it has a larger ash pan plus it is a top loader,another plus in a coal stove(my opinion) plus the blower that is an option with the tlc is variable speed and larger,so,in a sense I felt I was getting alot more stove for only about 210$ more,another upside is it also has a draft system to burn wood(draft goes across the top of the fire)simply open it,close bottom draft,i hope this answers your question,if not...messege me on yaho im.....bugize64
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