Any PA Flintlock Hunters Out There?

Re: Any PA Flintlock Hunters Out There?

PostBy: TimV On: Fri. Dec. 26, 2008 1:59 pm

In some areas in NY and PA,NJ there are so many deer per sq mile its a "need" to thin out the deer. So many starve in heavy winter and its not a pretty site to see yarded ,starving deer being fed hay or anything they can get to them to try and help them survive.
Locate Summit and Sundown NY(Catskill Mtns.) on a map of NY and take a ride on the class 4 road in early spring and see the hundreds of deer locals are stuggling to feed after bad winter. You will see first hand what overpopulation and overbrowseing does and its not pretty.
This is also a place where too many deer are located.
There is little state land to hunt and few locals let anyone hunt but a lot of part time residents who post evey inch of property and wont allow anyone to hunt or cross and in a lot of cases you cant blame them.
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