Bituminous in a Keystoker??

Re: Bituminous in a Keystoker??

PostBy: deerefanatic On: Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:20 am

I called the C Reiss coal company as I can get coal from their Duluth, MN dock (which is only 130 miles away) and the salesman said that he wouldn't give me a range ananlysis for such a small amount as it varies by the barge load.... But, their coal is also kentucky coal, same as my other source, so he agreed that it'd probably be similar.

He claims that the hi ash fusion temperature is good, as when the coal clinkers, the burn isn't as efficient..... It's just more work to clean out the ash vs the clinker......

He also said that the coke button will vary, but it's normally between 3 and 5....... Dan from Willburt said that a 5.5 would be ok, but I'd have to knock down the coke trees a couple times a day..... :(

What do you guys think?

Re: Bituminous in a Keystoker??

PostBy: Berlin On: Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:51 pm

sounds good, i wouldn't be afraid of a high AFT coal; i burned some in my stoker, the only difference was i shoveled the ash out instead of shoveling out chunks of clinker/ash mix. if i had a very low aft coal i'm sure it would be all clinker.
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Re: Bituminous in a Keystoker??

PostBy: Sting On: Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:38 pm

The last I spoke with C Reiss coal - Manitowoc office - they wouldn't facilitate even a 22 ton semi load off any dock -- They claimed it was too small of an order for them. 50 years ago the company had a wholesale outlet off the dock in Sheboygan -- but that area is now nice hi end lake front condos!!! Bit stoker coal is still available off the island in Milwaukee -- but you have to know someone that knows someone. _ at least that's what I got> :(
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Re: Bituminous in a Keystoker??

PostBy: deerefanatic On: Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:38 pm

C Reiss is only selling retail from the Duluth dock. They only sell to Lakeland trucking, and then you can buy from them....... What a mess.... They sell it to the trucking company for $200/ton, so the trucking company quoted me $215 for a small load of say 3-5 ton picked up at their lot.