Thin Coal Bed Experiment

Re: Thin Coal Bed Experiment

PostBy: Jeddbird On: Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:02 am

BM-80 wrote:
LsFarm wrote:Hello BM-80. The area of the fire determines the heat output of a fire, the depth of the firebed determines the duration of the fire.. I'm not surprised that you ended up with a few problems with your thin-bed experiment.. Coal is a 'social fuel' individual pieces of coal will not burn,, coal needs a 'community' of coal, each hot peice is giving and recieving heat from the adjacent pieces of coal.

If you want to reduce the heat output of your stove,, do a search on 'firebox reducer' or 'reducing firebox' there are several threades on the subject of reducing the area of a firebox so that the heat output is reduced, yet still retaining the deep bed of coal needed for long duration fires..

Hope this helps.. Greg L

Hi Greg...
Yeah, it helps a lot. Firebox area reduction sounds like the way to go. Actually, if I think about it a little, the experiment was NOT a failure if the goal of the experiment was to learn something.....

Bob M

Firebox reduction works fine but in many stoves it prevents the use of your shaker grates.
My stove is easyh because it has 3 separate shaker arms (front to back) that are worked independently, so I can block off a section & still shake down the area with the coal.
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