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PostBy: wsherrick On: Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:07 am

grizzly2 wrote:
wsherrick wrote:Here's a shot of the bottom of the fire pot of my stove. but; as with all things from the, "Good Old Days," it is up to you

What a wonderful old stove. Is it a serious home heater for you, or a hobby :?: My grandmother had a parlor stove in her living room and heated the half house she lived in with it. :up:

This stove is a very serious heater for its size. I mentioned on another thread, that even during the zero degree weather we have been having this stove has been keeping the living room at 75-80 and the rest of the house plenty warm enough that the furnace hasn't been turned on once. I'm burning a little over 50 pounds of coal a day during the really cold weather. It's doing a good job.
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