cleaned stove and pipe-did not miss a beat

cleaned stove and pipe-did not miss a beat

PostBy: Paulie On: Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:56 pm

High 30s here in MA, a tad south of Boston. Sub 0 cold blast coming, so figured now is a good time to clean stove.
Hit the coal trol button, set baro all the way closed, left to take a shower. 45 min I return, pipe is barely warm to the touch. Opened stove, some coal barely glowing on grate. Pull of some ash, put coal dam on grate, fired up the shop
vac. Cleaned stove interior, pipe, baro, tapping pipe several times to get it all out. Put ash bin back, turned the switch
on, and set to feed, reset baro, 10 min later, pulled the coal dam out, stove is pumping away. It amazes me I did not loose the fire
completely after shutting down. Ashes were not hot either. I did noticed after feed cycle that a piece of the coal dam
had burned away....thought it was stainless, guess not. Oh, and the hepa fine dust filter for shop vacs? Better than
nothing, but you will dust the room. I put another hose on the exhaust, and put out the door when cleaning stove/area.
The more time I spend with stove the more I like it. Leisure Line makes an amazing product. Third month running this
stove, flat out, 24/7, and it just gets better. Only fly (ash?) in the ointment is the glass, no way any one is going to clean
every day. Just too long to cool before you can touch it. Not sure if there is another way. I just leave it be. I figure the
ash will protect it? When I shut down for summer, I will clean it and maybe buff it out.
Thank You Leisure Line for a fabulous product. I could not be happier. :D
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Re: cleaned stove and pipe-did not miss a beat

PostBy: Jerry & Karen On: Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:12 pm

The test will be the rest of the week. Good luck.
American workers, American fuel.
Jerry & Karen