Silly Question: Top of the Firebrick...

Silly Question: Top of the firebrick....

PostBy: mattblackmon On: Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:25 am

So, I am on my third!! day of burning coal in my Harman Magnafire Mark II...and I love heat pump did not run today at all...and it was 11 outside! When the instructions say "to the top of the firebrick" does it actually mean the top of the firebrick in the back or the top of the firebrick in the front? The front is quite a bit lower than the back and I have horrific images of overfilling and burning coal tumbling into my man cave....and worse! I have searched and read the other forums here as well as the owner's manual but I can't find that specific answer......sorry to be a nuisance with such a noob question.....

I am also trying to figure out the barometric damper on the silly thing...does not seem to have any adjustment other than a set screw and then does not seem to do much...except flap open and closed when it is windy outside and the stove is not burning.....

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Re: Silly Question: Top of the firebrick....

PostBy: gitrdonecoal On: Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:05 am

i would fill the coal to the top of the front of the bricks and then bank it to the top of the back of the bricks. like a slope or grade if you will. the baro does just that, flaps open and closed. but it should flap open more than just in the wind. did you level the baro? is the screw, or weight on the baro on the correct side, for vertical or horizontal operation? read the instructions of the baro just to double check the install. let us all know how you do.
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Re: Silly Question: Top of the firebrick....

PostBy: CapeCoaler On: Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:09 am

My MarkII
Just added 2 shovels, not as full as I will have it, I can still fit some more in before I crash.
Slopes to the front in this shot, the front rests on the brick retainer but nothing touches the glass.
I pile it till it rolls out the front door then I stop!

You need a manometer to set the proper draft, there is a loaner program if needed.
Ballpark it if you must, just set it in the middle range of numbers but you better have a CO alarm workin'.
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Almost full but not quite!
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