Data Breach

Data Breach

PostBy: Horace On: Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:36 pm ... dit-cards/

Considering the sheer number of cards compromised, I think some of us can expect to get new cards pretty soon. Further considering that this began in 2008, I encourage everyone to examine their statements as far back as possible. The holiday season is a great time for fraud because people are too busy (or scared) to review their statements.

To clarify what Heartland is: they are one of hundreds of companies (mine included) that facilitate payment processing on behalf of merchants. In other words, they install the equipment, route the transactions, move the money, etc. They are a national organization, however, their main footprint is probably in this area. They process transactions for pretty much anyone - from chain restaurants to the little store right down the street from you. Again, check your statements carefully. If you find something that you do not recognize, report it to the institution that issued your card immediately. Under Reg E you are entitled to provisional credit of the funds within a short period of time while the investigation is ongoing.

Any questions, please let me know.
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