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Re: Electric Bills

PostBy: djackman On: Tue. Feb. 24, 2009 3:54 pm

Hollyfeld wrote:Update on my electric dilemma. I called JCP&L a few weeks back and gave them a meter reading over the phone. They had estimated that I would use over 1200 Kwh and billed me $219.00. The actual meter reading was less than HALF of that with everything I've done to lower my bill. The lady on the phone had to get a managers approval just to lower the bill that much and warned me that if I wasn't reading it correctly that I would have to pay for the difference on this months bill. I assured her that it was correct and the bill dropped to $120.

Estimated readings are a total scam, usually at least double the actual usage.

Check with JCP&L if you can submit your manual readings online - ours (gas & elect) have a web page for it.
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