Stove Questions

Stove Questions

PostBy: mjstahl On: Mon Oct 16, 2006 9:04 am

I have an old Franco Belge Coal Stove. I would like to keep it, but it seems to need more tending then I can do. I have found in the last two years of using this stove that if the ashes aren't shaken every 8 hours, it will go out. And since I'm away at work for at least 10 hours, this isn't ideal. I have tried using different coal (pea, nut, buckwheat) and nothing seems to give me the few more hours that I need to keep it running. And it isn't that it is running out of coal, since the hopper is still full, it just appears that there are too many ashes and it has lost air.

Does anybody have any recommendations on how to make the fire last for over 10 hours?

And if not, I have been looking into getting a new stove to replace this stove. The stove dealer near where I live sell Harman, Keystoker and Vermont Castings. I have been looking into the Harman models. Can anybody recommend a model of any of these three brands that should be able to give the me the 10 hours of burn time I need without shaking?


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PostBy: coochy77 On: Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:49 pm

Mjstahl, My Surdiac is very similar to your Franco Belgue, Turn the dial down to the lowest setting and make sure you change the gaskets on both the glass door and the ash pan door. This will tighten up your seal and no air will get in to increase your burn rate.

You should be able to get 12 hours without shaking