Soon to be burning coal

Soon to be burning coal

PostBy: Jersey John On: Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:12 am

Finally! Found a small used Consolidated Dutchwest wood/coal stove...and for just $100..complete with grates, coal basket glass and metal door inserts, as well as the viewing screen when burning wood for that open fire enjoyment.

Now I know that this little stove is no match for the Harman Mark II or III, and will likely not keep a fire burning for 15+ hours.... but it something I have wanted since I first signed onto this forum, and for the price, figured if it doesn't work out, I can triple my investment on Ebay...

BTW, I purchased this stove by checking out Craigslist for North Jersey, and just got back from a 3 1/2 hour roundtrip to pick it up. Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow, it will remain in the back of my hatchback until I can get some help to move it down my yard and into my office.

I so much look forward to experiencing my first successful burn...knowing that there may be some frustrating attempts along the way. Nonetheless, it is now my time to enjoy the warmth and comfort of coal.

I'll post a photo, once it's set and running.
Jersey John
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