Hitzer 503- mediocre quality, good stove

Re: Hitzer 503- mediocre quality, good stove

PostBy: nortcan On: Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:03 pm

SMITTY wrote:
Jim503RI wrote:Sorry to hear. Sounds like my new Ford Focus. Happy with the car ,But it has issues. .....

Don't even get me started on Ford Focuses! :shock: Check this out >>> More modern JUNK. Thanks Ford, for building 'em ... "tough"

Nothing perfect in this world!
About the F. Focus, 2000 was the first American production year. Focus 2000 were lemon cars (we got a St-W...). But before 2000, Focus were car of the year in Europa . Curious: American car (Ford) better made in Europa! I know that, here, the 2000 Focus were made in Mexico but Supervised by Ford Cie. We got a 2002 and lot of milage on it, abused from heavy loadings and no issue at all, a 2007 no problem at all.
For many peoples, if the vehicules name sound like: Wing- Wong or finishing with an a, it's better than an American one :?:
For many peoples, buying a $1.00 product from Chin-Chong is a shame for the American (including Canada) economy, but buying a Chin-Chong vehicule at $20,000.00 + is an honor??????????
Anyway, we are living in free countries but for me: Just American vehicules :!: I mean having an American Name on it :)
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