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I bought a refurbished EFM 520. We picked it up June 7, 2008. It was all together at the shop but had to be disassembled for shipping. My plans are to install this in series with my current oil unit. The oil unit has a DHW coil supplying a 50 gallon electric water heater. I set this up when energy was inexpensive. We raised three children and never ran out of hot water. Now that energy prices have skyrocketed I'm considering replacing the electric heater with an indirect water heater. This will be done when money permits, however, I'm installing the necessary pump and flow check valve now.

My only construction experience is in my own home. I've done all of the electrical, plumbing and carpentry. This thread is set up to provide other DIYer's a chronicle of what went right, what went wrong, and the way I remedied them. Hopefully you find my experience useful in planning and installing your own system.

Currently I'm only working on this project on rainy days. My first priority is the installation of a masonry chimney for the coal unit. Once that phase of this project is complete I will devote all of my spare time completing the plumbing and wiring of this installation.

The EFM as I received it


The plan changed for moving the oil unit. I realized that installing a circulator pump was much less expensive than abandoning a perfectly good chimney and installing a power vent. The oil unit is about 30 feet from the coal unit. Piping, a pump and possibly an aquastat is much cheaper than a power vent. So the oil unit will get freshened up with paint, a new stack and stay in place.

A shop crane was used to lift the boiler section. The legs of the crane wouldn't go around the base section so the base was set on 8" cinder blocks. This provided enough clearance to fit the leg of the crane under the center of the base. Once the boiler section was set and the crane out of the way I used a 2 ton car jack to lift either side of the unit up just enough to fill the hole left from where the crane leg went under the base with another cinder block. After everything was in place I filled the block and gaps between the block with concrete. The unit is about 1" out of square with the garage wall but I can live with that.

To Be Continued

Plumbing the EFM 520

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