Harman VF3000 Verti-Flow Stoker Boiler

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The Harman VF3000 Verti-Flow Stoker Boiler is....... more info here.


Air control flap

Since the Harman owners manuals have a lot of missing info, lets use this KB as a way to write an 'addendum' to the owners manual, providing some of the missing directions so new owners can find the info they need..

For example, there is a round piece of steel, with a hole and a bent up edge.. with no directions as to what it is or what to do with it.. It is an air control flap, to be installed on the inlet of the combustion blower.. the opening size is adjusted by moving the flap to cover more or less of the fan inlet. The amount of combustion air often needs to be reduced to keep the stoker idle temperatures and fuel use at reasonable levels..

Feeder Adapter Plate

There is a feeder adapter plate that gets bolted to the feeder with 5/16 x 3/4 bolts.My adapter plate had no threads in the holes. another member had the same issue.

There is a fire brick angle iron that supports the fire brick and two 5/16 bolts are to be snugged up against the fire bricks those holes were not threaded for the 5/16 bolts. These threads are a must and have to be addressed if the holes are not threaded before you continue. I have to believe this was a factory error and were missed by inspectors.Why the heck would they expect the customer to thread the holes? Don't call the dealer because you will wait a month for any satisfaction if he even knows what your talking about. He won't tap threads in the holes so you will have to.

I drilled out the holes and put a longer 5/16 bolt threw and nutted the other side and tightend them up.

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