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  3. The Edit Panel
    1. Common Buttons Used for Formatting
    2. Headings and Lists
    3. Formatting Images and Media Files
    4. Redirects, Signatures...

The edit panel is where you can add or modify text of articles. If for example you click the edit button on on an article you'll be taken to the edit panel with the existing article in it. You can add or modify appropriate text.

The buttons on the top are used as shortcuts for formatting and other common tasks. You utilize these bold text, quickly insert images or other elements of a page. For example you can quickly bold text by highlighting it in the edit panel and then click the bold button.

If this text were highlighted.

And you clicked the bold button the bold tag would automatically be placed around the text so it was rendered as bold text in the article.

'''If this text were highlighted.'''

This is what will be produced:

If this text were highlighted.