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You can add any pages that do not exist a few ways. For example if you go to the search box and search for a term you will be asked if you want to create this page if it doesn't already exist. Pages can also be created by clicking a link that is red on other pages. Links in red are words or phrases that the author thought might be of interest to others but the page has not bee created yet.

In this tutorial we're going to create the member page that belongs to you and a "sandbox" page for you to test out the editing features. If you are not already logged in log in now. Once logged in assuming you have not already created your user page you can click the link in the upper right "Your username". You'll see some text like this at the very top indicating the page has not been created yet:

You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet.
To create the page, start typing in the box below (see the help page for more info).

In the text box below type "Hello World!", click the save button at the bottom.

Congratulations you have created your first article. This particular page is used for a special purpose. Whenever you edit or add something you're those edits will be attributed to you. For example if you click the Recent Changes link under the main navigtion you'll see that the addition of your new user page has been noted and that it was added by you.

Instead of "Hello World!" you might want to place something a little bit more meaningful here such as a little information about yourself. You could if you wanted use this page as your own little web space for the world to see.

Now we're going to create another new page but this will be from scratch. Click the link for your username in the upper left to go to the "Hello World!" page you just created. Click the edit tab to go into edit mode.

Below "Hello World!" type or copy and paste the following, be sure to replace "Username" with your username :

 [[User:Username/Sandbox|My Sandbox]]

Save the page, you'll now have a red link under "Hello World!". The link is red because the page has not been created yet. This is how most new pages on a wiki are created where the author has made a word a or phrase a link. Click the link to create the page. Once created you can use this page for testing purposes, you could add whatever you want here and try out the editing features instead of testing them on real pages.

You could if you wanted remove the link created above, you don't need a link going to the page. You could replace it and add some other pages if you're interested. For example:

[[User:Username/Hobbies|My Hobbies]]
 [[User:Username/Links|My Favorite Websites]]
 [[User:Username/Photos|My Photos]]

The resource is here to use as you want to, feel free to take advantage of it.

  1. Your First Page
  2. Tabs, Page, Discusssion, Edit....
  3. The Edit Panel
    1. Common Buttons Used for Formatting
    2. Headings and Lists
    3. Formatting Images and Media Files
    4. Redirects, Signatures...