Leisure Line Hyfire I

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The Leisure Line Hyfire Stoker.......


Mfr. by Leisure Line Co.

The Leisure Line Hyfire I is a Coal Stoker Stove, capable of producing up to 130K BTU output using 2 different burners, one 40K and one 90K BTU output. It has two 265 CFM Blowers to move the hot air around along with heat ducts directly thru the firebox for additional heat output. Currently the Hyfire II has (2) 90K burners producing 180K BTU output.

Approx. Height 46” Depth 33” (includes hopper) Width 29.5” Hopper Capacity 200 lbs 530 CFM blower (twin 265 CFM) 6” Back Vent flue Weight 400 lbs. Optional CoalTrol Thermostat Control system.


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