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The Knowledge Base is collaborative effort of articles written by NEPA Crossroads members. If you're unfamiliar with a wiki anyone can edit, modify or add articles. For more information you can consult the User's Guide on wikimedia's site. For specific questions you can use The help desk in the forum

For a quick start:

1. Type your search term or phrase in the search box to the left, click go instead of search.

2. If an article exists it will take you to the page, if it doesn't you will be given the option to create it.

3. If it exist you can go to the article, click the edit tab to begin editing or adding information.

4. If it doesn't exist once you click the create page it will take you to the editing panel.

5. In both cases you can save your changes from the button at the bottom.

One of the nice features of a wiki is the ability to create links to other phrases and words. When editing a page you'll see some buttons on the top. By highlighting text then clicking the one with the Ab underlined you can create a link for a word or phrase. If the article exists it will blue. If the article doesn't exist it will be red. You or another user can then create the next page simply by clicking the link.