Healthy Desserts CookBook Review

Healthy Desserts CookBook Review

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For those who thought whether to buy the recipes of "Guilt Free Desserts"
Here Review

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Created by Healing Gourmet, which is in the business of providing healthier recipes for everyone and promoting natural diet, Guilt Free Desserts contains 50 mouth-watering recipes of your favorite desserts that can be created right at the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to spend much on buying healthier versions of your favorite desserts from specialty dessert shops in malls and related commercial establishments; and the best thing is, the ingredients for these recipes are easily obtainable from the grocery, thus allowing you to save money while keeping yourself healthy. These ingredient based from healthy fats, protein, and fiber, are composed of mostly organic stuff that are better substitutes to synthetic and artificial ingredients which are proven to be harmful to your health.

Among the recipes of desserts which are well-loved by all generations and found in the handy e-book include:

Chocolate Cupcakes,
Carrot Cupcakes,
Gingerbread Cookies,
Chocolate Chip Cookies,
Chocolate Pie,
Pumpkin Pie,
Apple Pie,
Apple Streusel,
Cherry Almond Tarts,
Fall Spiced Custard,
Creme Brulee,
Chocoate Souffle,
Macaroons, and
Chocolate Brownies.


At a reasonable price of $24.95, this book will forever change the way you treat and make desserts not just for yourself but for the whole family. With each order, Healing Gourmet has a special offer, where you will also get the following:

Better Breads: A Dozen Quick & Delicious, Gluten Free, Low Glycemic, Breads, Biscuits, Crepes & Crusts, where you get access to healthy recipes for breads, biscuits, and the like, without having to compromise your health by using all-natural grains, and
Awesome Appetizers: Tips, Sips & Healthy Hors d’Oeuvres Perfect for any Occasion, where you get to take advantage of preparing healthy and affordable drinks and cocktails tailor-made for parties and similar occasions.

All three e-books complement with each other, with the overall goal of making mouth-watering and tangy desserts, bread-based snacks, and cocktail drinks healthier with every bite. These are all without having to put your health in jeopardy by complementing them with living a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, each order is covered by a 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee which warrants that if you are not satisfied at all with the books, you just need to inform Healing Gourmet about it and they will gladly refund the amount paid to the credit card used for the transaction, without having to return the books through e-mail as compliment.


While these are all handy in this digital age where these could easily be accessible in your computer or gadget, these e-books may not work in favor of those looking for their hard copies for keeps. However, these books are printable, so you can also maintain paper-based versions of these, only that printing these may consume more paper, though.

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